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Poor sexual performance is usually affected by stress from financial condition, exhaustion, family problems, and self-esteem in terminology poor sexual performance in mens called Erectile dysfunction (ED).  It's OK to have an occasional poor erection.  But when this becomes an everyday occurrence, its' a sign of system imbalance and need to be resolved to avoid further damage.

Almost a decade ago, our formulator set out to develop a safe and powerful formula that would eliminate the sexual difficulties that millions of men are quietly suffering with.

HIMAX PLUS supplements are designed for those men who wanting to excel, the men with sexual health problems needing to perform in bedroom night as well as the aging males needing a boost in their sex life.

HIMAX PLUS Formula for Men, a best male enhancement remedy, provides a viable herbal solution to the psychological and physical male sexual dysfunction & men's sexual health.

The benefits of HIMAX:

  • Restore and increase male libido.
  • Boost men's poor sex drive.  Keep harder & longer lasting erections.
  • Improve men sex, increase sexual endurance & stamina.
  • Please your partner every time.
  • Stimulate, rejuvenate & increase sexual energy.
  • Regain your youthful virility.
  • No short term or long term side effects even you can use if you are diabetic or high or low blood pressure patients.
  • It is THE ONLY male virility supplement to use 100% natural ingredients.


Amount Per Serving



150 mg

Tribulus Terrestris

400 mg


10 mg


5 mg

Vit. E

20 i.u


Q: What are available medicines for the treatment of male sexual disorders?
A: There is only one medicine available for the treatment of male sexual disorder that is HIMAX.

Q: What does HIMAX contains and how does HIMAX treat all male sexual problems?
A: HIMAX contains all well known natural ingredients have been using specifically for the treatment of male sexual problems since long HIMAX has Gineseng, Tribulus Terrestris, Yohembe, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin E.These combination of natural ingredients make HIMAX unique and specialized for the male sexual treatments HIMAX treats the inabilities of Glands, Receptors and Neurotransmitters responsible and involve in producing or participating in production of sex hormones and chemical essential for the male sexual intercourse, penis erection, desire of sexual intercourse HIMAX helps placing and providing sex hormones and essential chemicals to the body and brain to their required amount for the satisfactory intercourse. HIMAX regulates and maintain production of sex hormones and chemicals so that to maintain sexual health. HIMAX provides more sexual energy; HIMAX gives harder, long lasting erection. Treatments with HIMAX men feel more pleasure when touched, strong desire and powerful and frequent orgasms.

Q: How much HIMAX is safe?
A: HIMAX is very much safe. HIMAX contains all natural ingredients, HIMAX doesn’t contain any chemical therefore HIMAX has no side effect. HIMAX is as much as patients having diabetes, heart problems or neurological disorders may use Himax safely as long as he needed in a recommended dose.

Q: How repeatedly one should use HIMAX?
A: Dose of HIMAX depends upon the condition and reasons of patient’s sexual disease. Usual dose of HIMAX is one capsule once or twice in a day with water one hour before or after meal In severe condition patient can take HIMAX one capsule three times a day as long as they needed. If patient’s sexual problem is related to their other disease such as diabetes, heart problems or neurological problems such patient can use HIMAX one capsule once a day or one HIMAX capsule twice a day with water one hour before or after meal as long as they required.

Q: Does one can perform sexual intercourse while taking HIMAX for treatment?
A: Yes! Patients can perform sexual intercourse while taking HIMAX with adopting scientific procedure of intercourse.

Q: What is the scientific procedure of intercourse?
A: Intimate to your wife 8 to10 hours early that you have decided for intercourse so that your wife can be mentally prepared and enjoy both of you. Take your meal and HIMAX 4 to 5 hours before intercourse because scientifically it is better that intercourse should be perform when stomach is empty, love chatting and kissing is better for both partners before intercourse that helps brain and body systems to perform their activities in a proper way and secretion of sex hormones and chemical can be start and blood circulation increase. Do not uncover the whole body of you and your partner or take a sheet of cloth to cover because during sexual performance blood flow increases that rise your body temperature therefore it can be harmful and muscles can stretch if body is uncover.

Q: What should we do after intercourse?
A: After ejaculation male partner should be remain in a same position at least 60 to 90 seconds over his wife so that wife can be satisfied because in some women ejaculation completed a little bit delayed. After intercourse both partners should clean their sexual parts with spare piece of cloth, after 5 to 10 minutes when body temperature reaches to normal pass out urine and wash sexual parts thoroughly with water so that every drop of semen can excreate and wash out with germs. By doing this you can save you and your partners to harmful germs/diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes. Half and hour after intercourse it is hygienic to take bath. It is also better to take a glass of milk 15 to 30 minutes after intercourse because nutrition like milk contains all the essential elements necessary to provide energy and strength and prevent feeling of empty stomach. 

Q: who is sexually healthy?
A: sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well being in relations to sexuality not merely the absence of disease or dysfunction.

Q: How we understand that there is any sexual disorder?
A: Persistent or recurrent deficiency or absence of sexual thoughts and inability to allow satisfactory sexual performance.

Q: What is sexual disorder?
A: sexual disorder is defined as that some one has difficulties or inability in erection, low libido or desire or ejaculatory problem during sexual intercourse

  • Erectile Dysfunction is defined as persistent inability to obtain or maintain sufficient rigidity of the penis to allow satisfactory sexual performance.
  •   Desire disorder/ low libido is defined as no or poor sexual excitement, feel no pleasure when touched, poor libido and weaker and occasional orgasms.
  • Ejaculatory disorder is a disorder of the emission of semen during sexual intercourse it may be premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation.

Cause of Erectile Dysfunction: Every fourth man age ranging from 18-70 have inability to obtain or maintain sufficient rigidity of the penis suffer to varying degree to erectile dysfunction but 90% are too embarrassed to seek help from their doctors.

Organic causes including instability in the production of sex hormones and improper distribution of such hormones and chemicals to the respective parts of body and brain. Gland, receptors and neurotransmitters producing and participating in production have inability to produce required amount of hormones and chemicals, improper health, peripheral vascular diseases, neurological disorders, performance anxiety depression, stress, relation ship failure, fear of intimacy. Use of antihypertensives, tranquillizers, anti androgens and antiulcers drugs.

Causes of loss of libido/desire disorders:- In order to feel like having sex need a certain level of health and sense of well being. Desire disorder/low libido may also be the result of thyroid glands not producing male hormones or the pituitary gland not working optimally. In some cases production of testosterone becomes low.
There are some other factors that can cause desire disorder or low libido one of them is a lot of stress from home life, socio economical problem especially in man who works long hours, when this can be with anxiety and depression it can be even worse. Prescription drugs often come with harmful side effects including blood pressure pills, antidepressants and tranquillizers. Poor attraction due to un hygienic conditions of wife, male partners feel no charm in wife because of not taking bath or well dress up. Difference in mental attitude between both partners. These all factors are the causes of desire disorders or low libido in man.
Causes of ejaculatory disorders:- In case of premature ejaculation, it is believed that neurotransmitters plays a central role in modulating ejaculation, low level of chemical named serotonin in specific area of brain could cause premature ejaculation. Over excitement of fear for satisfactory sexual performance are also the reason of premature ejaculation, In case of delayed ejaculation physiological cause might include numerous factors that prevent a man from achieving during sexual intercourse. Among those factors is insufficient sleep, distraction due to worry and from environment, anxiety about pleasing his partner and about relationship problems, physical cause might be of delayed ejaculation is adaptation to a certain masturbating techniques that the ability to ejaculate is reduced or eliminated, some diseases and conditions which effect a man’s ability to achieve orgasm including neurological and endocrine diseases (diabetes, prostate problem, allergies, high blood pressure) Delayed ejaculation might be a side effect of some drugs such as antidepressant (prozac) antipsychotic (mellaril) and antihypertensive (gsuenethidine).

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